What does this app do and how this is built

I wanted to build a simple app on the web using Python to scrapethe latest news from a specific news site using various Python libraries.

Every time I reload this page this app will scrape 5 news articleson the top of the page of the live site of El Paris using Beautiful Soup,then the scraped data will be filtered, cleaned and displayedin the list below on this site using Flask and deployed using heroku.

Please visit my Portfolio site or my github for the code of this app.

Latest 5 top news from El Paris

Tariffs, unions and GM corn: the US, Mexico and Canada try to iron out trade disputes
US monitors events in Iran as it pushes for defense pact with Saudi Arabia
Graceland to remain in Elvis Presley’s family as court halts sale of the King’s home
Gary Stevenson: ‘Economists have been all wrong about almost everything for 15 years now’
Putin, the man who knows how to bide his time